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June 27, 2024
Cormack Routhier Agency Inc.

How to Secure Your High-Net-Worth Assets

High-net-worth individuals often have unique financial situations that may require specialized insurance solutions. These individuals may possess various high-value assets, such as luxury homes, expensive cars, valuable art collections and investment portfolios, which can be at risk without the proper insurance coverage.

Understanding the Risks

The first step in securing high net worth assets is understanding the potential risks that must be covered. These may often include theft, burglary, physical damage or loss of property. Additionally, a consumer with high net worth assets may assume significant risk related to liabilities. For instance, a valuable art collection could be damaged in a fire, or an expensive car could be involved in an accident. Additionally, high-net-worth individuals can be targets for lawsuits, putting their assets at risk.

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To mitigate the enhanced risks many high-net-worth individuals face, it may be necessary to turn to specialized insurance policies designed for these specific situations. High net worth policies can often provide higher coverage limits and broader protection than their standard counterparts. For example, a high-value home insurance policy can cover a home’s unique architecture and features while potentially providing financial protection for valuable contents inside, including art, jewelry and other collectibles.

Similarly, high-value auto insurance policies can provide robust and versatile coverage for luxury cars, including collision, liability and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. These policies can also offer agreed value coverage, which can guarantee that the policyholder will receive the full insured amount of the vehicle in the event of a total loss, without depreciation.

Liability Protection

Another critical aspect of securing high-net-worth assets is financially protecting against liability risks. This is often achieved through umbrella insurance policies, which provide additional liability coverage beyond the limits of standard home or auto insurance policies. Umbrella insurance can protect assets in the event of a lawsuit by covering legal fees, settlements and judgments that exceed the limits of underlying policies. This may be essential, as exceeding the limits of other liability policies, such as the coverage offered by homeowners insurance, may result in a high-net-worth individual having to forfeit or liquidate some of their valuable assets.

We’re Here to Help

Securing high-net-worth assets may require a comprehensive approach that includes tailored and specialized insurance policies. While this process may seem complicated or even intimidating, enlisting the assistance of a qualified insurance professional, such as those at Cormack-Routhier Agency, Inc., may garner essential guidance.

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This blog is intended for informational and educational use only. It is not exhaustive and should not be construed as legal advice. Please contact your insurance professional for further information. 

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