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High Net Worth in Cranston, Rhode Island

Individuals with significant assets have unique risks and challenges that standard insurance policies don’t typically fully cover. Whether it’s your luxury vehicles, a sprawling estate, fine art collections, or overseas properties, high net worth insurance offers a comprehensive solution for safeguarding your substantial investments.

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What Sets High Net Worth Insurance Apart

High net worth insurance policies are designed to help address the following:

Higher coverage limits—Standard policies may have lower limits, leaving valuable items underinsured. High net worth insurance offers much higher limits, often going into the millions.

Global protection—High net worth insurance can offer worldwide coverage for your assets, whether a yacht in Monaco or a vacation home in Aspen.

Customizable policies—Your agent can tailor your policy to cover the risks associated with your unique assets, be it antique collections, luxury cars or even rare wine.

Who Needs High Net Worth Insurance?

If you own multiple properties, have valuable possessions, hold substantial financial investments or have assets that go beyond the limits of standard insurance policies, you are an ideal candidate for high net worth insurance.

A comprehensive risk assessment is the first step to securing high net worth insurance. Your insurance provider will discuss your assets, the risks associated with those assets and your overall financial situation. Once an assessment is complete, your agent will tailor a policy that fits your individual needs.

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