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Personal Lines Insurance

Numerous types of insurance protection can safeguard the financial livelihood of people. Any coverage purchased by an individual or family to protect themselves is known as personal lines insurance.

What Are Examples of Personal Lines Insurance?

Personal lines insurance can include homeowners insurance, health insurance, auto insurance, renters insurance, disability insurance, umbrella insurance and other types of property and casualty insurance. It’s important to note that personal lines insurance may not cover all incidents that can be financially devastating to an individual or family. Our expert advisors can assess your needs to determine the appropriate level of coverage for below.

  • Auto Insurance—Having the right auto insurance policy can help protect you financially if you are involved in an accident or your vehicle is damaged. An auto insurance policy is designed to provide you with a layer of protection against property, liability and medical costs following an accident.
  • Condominium Insurance—Condominium insurance, also known as HO-6, is essential for all condo owners. A standard HO-6 policy covers what a condo association’s master policy won’t, including financial protection from damaged or lost personal belongings and injuries that occur inside your condo.
  • Disability Insurance—can help protect your finances if you suffer from an unexpected injury or illness that prevents you from working. With disability insurance, you may receive a portion of your income even after you can no longer work, whether for a short or long period.
  • Flood Insurance—If you live in a flood-prone area, your home faces a substantial risk of property damage due to flooding. And while standard home insurance might provide coverage for household water damage resulting from a burst pipe or similar incident, your home insurance won’t cover damage caused by floods. Depending on your home’s location, your need for flood insurance could be significant.
  • Health Insurance—Having the right health insurance coverage to suit your needs is essential to your overall well-being. Health insurance helps pay medical expenses, including treatment for severe medical conditions and preventive care. This coverage may reduce how much it costs to get necessary health care.
  • Homeowners Insurance—A standard homeowners insurance policy insures the home itself and the things you keep inside. By having homeowners insurance, you can financially protect yourself if there’s an accident.
  • Life Insurance— is a contractual agreement between you (the policyholder) and the insurance company. In exchange for paying the insurer a regular premium, your beneficiaries will receive a lump-sum death benefit when you pass away or after a specific amount of time has passed.
  • Personal Umbrella—Most personal lines liability policies, such as home, auto, renters or watercraft, have limits up to which it will pay out for covered claims. Having an umbrella insurance policy can help protect you from liability claims or lawsuits that exceed the limits of your current policies.
  • Watercraft & Boat—Having the right boat insurance policy for your watercraft can be an excellent way to protect yourself from costs related to property damage and medical expenses if an injury occurs.

How Can I Learn More About Personal Lines Coverage?

All insurance buyers need to understand their coverage options and risks. Personal lines buyers have many options, and they may not be aware of the various types of insurance available to them or the factors that might affect their coverage. We can help you get more information on auto, home and life insurance so you can be confident in your choice of coverage.

How to Get Personal Lines Coverage

Personal lines insurance may give you the peace of mind you need for your daily risks. Call Cormack-Routhier Agency, Inc. today to learn more about personal lines insurance or to get a no-obligation quote.

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