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Group Captive Insurance in Cranston, RI, Providence, RI and Surrounding Areas

What is Group Captive Insurance?

Group captive insurance companies are wholly owned by their insureds, with their primary purpose being to insure the risks of its owners. Those who form a group captive put their own capital at risk while benefitting from the captive's underwriting profits. Group captives can either be industry-specific or they can represent a variety of industries.

Benefits of forming a Group Captive:

  • Risk-sharing alternative for those who may not be eligible for a Self-Insured Retention (SIR) or deductible program;
  • Greater purchasing power once the captive has enough members;
  • The collective exposure and experience offers greater credibility, resulting in higher confidence in predicting future experience of the group;
  • Stability in premiums since they are based on the group's performance, not on market conditions;
  • Reduced loss costs;
  • Opportunity to earn underwriting and investment income not available with a traditional insurance purchase.

Is forming a Group Captive right for you?

Contact an agent at Cormack-Routhier Agency, Inc. today to find out if forming a group captive is the right solution for you. Our professional staff will guide you through the process and work with you to create a unique proprietary captive specific to your group's needs.