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Coastal Property Insurance throughout Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts

It’s only natural to want to make your home as safe and secure a dwelling as possible, and this will mean adapting your homeowners insurance to fit the precise risks and liabilities present on your property. Since no two homes are alike, you will have to make your plan as unique as possible. This is particularly true for coastal homeowners, who face significant property damage risks that are different from those of inland homeowners. 

Cormack Routhier Agency, Inc. is committed to helping every Rhode Island client get quality insurance benefits that will protect them in all parts of their lives. When it comes to customizing your personalized coastal home insurance policy, you will have us as your advocates to help you get the perfect plan for both your needs and budget. 

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Common Homeowners Insurance Questions  

What is home insurance?  

Your home represents one of the most important investments you will ever make. This is especially true in coastal communities, where property values are often significantly higher than average. That value alone is worth protecting, and homeowners insurance will help you do so.  

You never know when a hazardous event or natural disaster might occur at your home. It can cause extreme damage and cost thousands of dollars to repair. However, you will want to make the necessary repairs without a huge financial strain. Homeowners insurance will pay these recovery costs on your behalf so you can move on from life’s challenges without it costing yourself an arm and a leg.  

What does home insurance cover?  

Homeowners insurance policies offer a diversity of benefits, each designed to offer targeted protection for a diversity of unexpected, unavoidable issues. These include:  

  • Structure protection: This insures your house in the event of damage from fires, weather, theft, vandalism or other hazards.

  • Detached structures coverage: Other buildings on your property – such as fences, carports, gazebos and detached garages - will have coverage.

  • Possessions insurance: This pays for damaged belongings. Protection might cover everything from furniture to food in the pantry and computer systems.

  • Liability coverage: If you accidentally harm someone else or damage their property, you can use this coverage to repay them. Coverage will often pay for incidents both on and off your property.

  • Additional living expense protection: Do you need to move out temporarily after household damage? Let this coverage reimburse you for expenses like dining or hotel bills.


Plus, because your home is unique, you can further tailor your benefits with more unique options like:

  • Scheduled items riders

  • Replacement cost value possessions coverage

  • Umbrella liability insurance

  • Pet liability insurance

We will always customize your plan by helping you tailor your deductibles and overall coverage limits.  


How is home insurance different for coastal homeowners? 

Coastal homes face significant challenges that are different from those faced by the average inland home. For instance, there are greater risks of floods, hurricanes, windstorms and similar natural disasters in your area, and you will often have to meet special building codes in order to reinforce your home against these challenges. 

Some home insurance providers limit standard coverage, or offer different policy terms for coastal homeowners. Sometimes, you will need to add the following benefits into your insurance portfolio: 

  • Flood Insurance: Home insurance does not cover weather-related flooding. Flood insurance must be purchased separately from homeowners coverage. The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) requires many coastal residents to purchase this coverage.

  • Windstorm Insurance: Some standard homeowners policies will limit damage coverage for windstorms or named storms, like hurricanes. You might have to add this coverage into your policy as an endorsement, or purchase a separate windstorm policy altogether.

  • Named Storm Deductibles: If a named storm strikes your area, some insurers increase damage deductibles to a percentage of the total damage caused, as opposed to a flat fee.


How much home insurance do I have to buy?  

Most mortgage lenders require homebuyers to purchase homeowners insurance before they approve loan applications. Generally, they will require you to obtain at least enough dwelling coverage for your home’s replacement cost value. Again, you might also be required to purchase flood insurance if you live in a designated high-risk flood zone. 

Regardless of any coverage requirement, you should always carry this benefit as part of your comprehensive personal insurance package.  

What does home insurance cost?  

Multiple factors could influence the cost of your home insurance, including:  

  • The value of the home

  • The home’s location

  • Your credit score

  • Security features in the home

  • Your chosen policy and coverage limits

Our agents are committed to helping clients get the customized coastal home policies that are perfect for them. That’s why we’ll work one-to-one with you to determine the best ways to get your home the coverage it deserves at prices you can afford.  

Additional Coastal Property Insurance Information:

Cormack-Routhier Agency, Inc. is proud to provide Coastal Property Insurance in Providence, RI, Cranston, RI, and Warwick, RI and in Boston, MA, Seekonk, MA, and Attleboro, MA.  We also serve other areas in Rhode Island and in Massachusetts and we serve other states.